Benefits of Active Adult Communities

Understanding the difference between active adult living communities and how they meet your needs is essential before embarking on your journey into your elder years. What are active adult living communities and are they a good fit for you? Luckily senior living communities are no longer a one size fits most. Some are more traditional like your parent’s senior communities once were, while others are non-traditional to fit a wide array of preferences. There are more choices than ever with active and independent seniors in mind.

Active senior living communities are designed for active and independent seniors aged 55+. You might know them better as retirement communities, where the majority of resident members are at least partially retired and meet minimum age qualifications. They are designed for independent seniors who want the conveniences of community living. Active adult communities offer a lifestyle filled with recreational, educational, and social opportunities. Now, there are many new possibilities on the horizon and plenty of time to enjoy them.

  • Low Maintenance

Many adults who move to senior communities are driven by their desire to have a maintenance free lifestyle. Whether you are overwhelmed with the up-keep of your home or you just want to spend your time on activities that are more meaningful to you, a low maintenance home may be the way to go.  Your community association handles all exterior maintenance, landscaping and snow removal, as well as keeping all indoor common areas maintained and clean. Many communities also offer housekeeping and interior maintenance of your residence.  Do you find it harder to keep up with your home? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to complete yard work?  If you answered yes, then you already have a lot in common with other seniors, and a retirement community may be for you.

  •  Ideal Locations

“Location, location, location,” is the cornerstone to a convenient, active adult community.  Many senior living communities are ideally located in a setting with easy access to culture, entertainment, arts, and events.  Are you becoming less comfortable with driving? Living close to these venues is convenient because you can plan your day around activities and friends, rather than how far you have to drive or how to get there. And many seek communities that offer both shuttles and close proximity to public transportation in case you would like to strike out on your own. In both cases, groups of friends are able to ride together to and from events without being separated. 

  • Amenities

In many senior living communities, you have the choice of whether you wish to own or rent your new home. Senior housing types range from apartments and condos to townhomes and single-family homes. These are usually with a variety of one floor, floor plans so that all your living needs are centrally located for your convenience. Or you might prefer the flexibility of a mobile home or motor home park just for seniors. Transitioning from the place you call home, and have become accustomed to,  is made easier because you will find there are many comparable alternatives (with the same luxuries you currently have), but with the freedom and convenience that retirement implies.

Active adult communities also offer club houses, which include dining, fitness, self-enrichment classes, entertainment, and recreational activities. There are swimming pools and common areas in which to gather. Some offer an all-inclusive resort type of lifestyle, meaning meals, services and use of amenities are also included for your convenience. And depending on your choice of community, you have amenities such as: salons, shopping and even movie theaters.  

  • Lifestyle

You likely have an idea of how you want to spend this next chapter of your life and you are heavily weighing your options before calling any one place home. Perhaps you would like to find a senior community locally to remain close to friends and family. Certainly you would want to live someplace that welcomes visiting children and grandchildren. Or maybe you are looking to transition someplace pet friendly where your pets can share your active lifestyle.

What types of activities do you enjoy? You might have a particular climate in mind. Do you enjoy golfing or even snow skiing in your free time? If so, then choosing a climate that compliments your active lifestyle is important to you. Luckily, you have your choice of retirement destinations as active senior living communities are located all over the nation, especially popular in warmer climates. The good news is that active senior living communities are available for various income levels, so there is something for everyone.

  • Activities

Just as important as where we live and whom we call neighbor, is how you plan to stay active, socialize and maintain your current level of fitness. Experts state that maintaining an active lifestyle offers important health benefits. Regular activity affects how you age, our health and quality of life. Whatever your preference of exercise (walking, hiking, swimming, golfing, just to name a few) there are always residents with the time and interest looking for folks to join them. Whether it be group exercise like yoga, scheduled by your activities director or a private outing with friends, finding recreational partners has never been easier. Other activities popular with active seniors include hobbies, crafts, art classes, games, sporting events, travel groups, and even theatre troupes. The key to active adult communities is socialization because routine socialization fosters commitment to exercise and promotes longevity.

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