Top 5 Senior Apartments and Senior Living Communities in the US:

When it comes time for retirement, many people aren’t sure what they are going to do with their time.  Adding on to the uncertainty is the search for a new home better suited to the needs of retirement. Every person will have different needs in their retirement, which means that every person will have different requirements for their Senior Living Communities. While no list can cover every different need, we’ve done our best to give you a little bit of insight into some of the most well regarded Senior Living Communities in the United States, as well as some tips on how to go about searching for the right option for you if you can’t find what you need here.

There are multiple senior and retirement communities in every state across the country, but for this short guide we are going to highlight five different communities in five different states. Florida, Arizona, and California all have plenty of varied communities to choose from, so don’t fret if you don’t see an option that you like, there are other options available.  This list is also focusing on “active communities” which have a focus on active daily lifestyle and offer a variety of amenities and activities to choose from.

Ocala, FL: On Top Of The World

If you are looking for an active living community for your post-retirement living, On Top of The World in Ocala Florida is a prime choice. An age restricted community, On Top Of The World is designed for seniors and retirement living. With three full golf courses as well as swimming pools and fitness centers, On Top of the World offers plenty of active activities.  The community also boasts a selection of restaurants for residents.  If that wasn’t enough, there are well over 100 different clubs in the community. If there is one thing you won’t need to worry about in your retirement, it won’t be boredom. This community has a range of prices, with some under the $100k mark, and the higher end hitting in the low to mid $400k.

Indio, CA: Sun City Shadow Hills

An active adult community in Southern California, Sun City Shadow Hills is one of Del Webb’s senior communities.  All of the Del Webb communities are fantastic living options, so we will only include one on our list.  That one is Sun City Shadow Hills in Indio southern California. While it does not boast three golf courses (Shadow Hills only has one course, the 18 hole Shadow Hills Golf Course) it does offer two large clubhouses, as well as dozens of amenities and restaurants. This community is ever growing, with new clubs, activities, and classes continuously becoming available to residents.  Because its located in California, the costs are higher, ranging between $200k and high $600k.

Tucson, AZ: SaddleBrooke

Arizona is another prime location for senior living and retirement communities. SaddleBrooke, nestled into the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains, offers amenities, social clubs, and activities for its residents, all at a resort quality. The community has multiple housing options, with an assortment of new and resale properties. With multiple golf course, clubhouses, and outdoor recreation options, residents of SaddleBrooke will always have something to do.  SaddleBrooke is very activity oriented, so if you have mobility issues, this may not be the place for you. And while SaddleBrooke is beautiful, it is a pricier option, with prices between $100k and $900k.  If that is within your budget, SaddleBrooke is an incredible retirement option.

Gainesville, VA: Heritage Hunt

Another 55+ age gated community, Heritage Hunt offers three spacious clubhouses across its grounds, an eighteen hole golf course that offers challenging play, as well as a pool and spa. Heritage Hunt is mostly comprised of re-sale properties as it is not actively expanding, but that does not mean it is sub-par quality wise.  In fact this ensures that the higher end prices are not nearly as high as a senior community like SaddleBrooke. Heritage Hunt homes come in a variety of options, such as condominiums, attached homes, or full single family homes. With a price range of $400k to $600k Heritage hunt is a more expensive option, but provides quality living and amenities.

Toms River, NJ: Holiday City at Berkeley

If you are looking for a large, age restricted active adult community in New Jersey then you can’t go wrong with Holiday City at Berkeley. Actually multiple Holiday City communities  under the Holiday City name, Holiday City at Berkeley offers many opportunities to meet new people. Holiday City has more than 10,000 residences across its five connected communities.  Each individual community has a dedicated clubhouse open to all Holiday City residents, as well an assortment of every day conveniences and amenities. With a vast assortment of housing styles and floor plans, Holiday City has a home that’s right for everyone. They have at least 20 floor plans to choose from.  Holiday city is also one of the cheaper options on this list, with prices ranging from $100k to $300k.

Starting Your Search:

If none of the above options pique your interest don’t worry. These are just a small selection of the available options. There are hundreds of retirement and senior communities across the country. The hardest part is finding the right option to meet your needs. The following sites offer great search tools to begin any retirement community search:

Each of these sites will help you search the hundreds of retirement and senior living options around the country, allowing you to make the best possible choice for your situation.