Affordable Senior Living Options For You

Growing older has advantages like retirement to be able pursuit things that could not be done while working and more time for family. There are also some disadvantages during retirement that happen due to age. At some point, it often means needing extra help to remain at home rather than moving in with family or going to a care facility. This is when caregivers can be an enormous help to remain at home.

Realizing When it is Time for Senior Care

This is a type of help that can be invaluable for the older adult and their family as well. Aging can mean certain tasks are no longer able to be done alone and will fall to a family member without having someone coming in to help. In some cases, this may be tasks around the home and in others, it can even be personal care. This is when it may be time to realize that someone coming in to assist the older adult is necessary. It can be a difficult realization for the older adult and the family that time has come to make changes. The difference is with in-home help it is possible to the senior citizen to remain in their own home.

How This Care Works

When the decision is made to seek home care there are choices about the kind of care. There is the person that comes in to help with all types of daily tasks including personal care. Then there are services for housekeeping. There are services that can be twenty-four hours a day or ones that are daily or several days a week. This gives the older adult and the family the option to use the type of caregivers that will fit the situation. Much of it can depend on the elderly person's health and mobility. The less mobility they have the more care that may be necessary, but the older adult that is still fairly active may only need someone to come in several days a week.

  • Some older adults find it necessary to have help with personal care such as getting in and out of the shower or tub. This is categorized as non-medical care but is considered personal care.

  • Then there are the older adults that may need bandages changed or another type of care. This is a specialized care and is considered medical care usually done by a certified nurse's aide with occasional visits by a licensed nurse.

  • The other type of care that can be available is not only someone to help out, but someone that can do housekeeping and even errands.

Advantages of this Situation

There are some clear advantages for both the older adult and their family. The first benefit is that the older person is not alone all of the time. They have someone that can help with tasks they might not be able to do alone any longer and even more important they have companionship.

The family can rest easy while at work or home knowing their parent is no alone should something happen. Plus their parent is not sitting at home alone all of the time without interaction when the family cannot visit daily.

The main benefits for both the older adult and their family are with home care the older adult will stay active physically and mentally. They will eat properly since the caregivers can see to this task and at the same time often the reason an older person does not eat right is because they are alone or cannot manage to make the meal. One of the largest benefits is with this additional help the senior family member can stop being concerned about needing to move in with a family member or going to an inpatient care facility.

Another reason a senior care at home worker may be indispensable is when an older adult has been in the hospital and returns home. They may not only need help with daily tasks but rehabilitation help such as range of motion exercises, standing, walking and other functions to help the senior adult get back their ability to be mobile. This is after they have had the rehabilitation therapy that may be necessary.

Medical events, strokes, and other health issues can be a good reason to have the help of someone that can address the physical needs and assist with daily home care.

Having senior care at home can be a relief for the older adult who worries about being able to keep up with daily living at home and yet is concerned they or their family may need to make a choice to move. This can be stressful and can be avoided with the assistance of a caregiver. Someone that can help and keep daily life from being lonely and relieve the anxiety of being alone if there is a medical emergency.

Senior Apartments 

The right housing is vital. Housing choices may depend on many factors. One of the most important is age. As people age, it may be best to think about new kinds of housing arrangements. Seniors have specific considerations that must be met. A good housing arrangement for seniors has many advantages. Senior living apartments can be ideal for the senior who wishes to remain independent but also needs a little bit of help now and then.

Important Factors

Senior apartments can also be a wonderful way to reach out others and create a community of like minded people who share the same viewpoint. Apartments devoted to the needs of seniors also offer advantages such as on-site amenities geared towards the needs of residents. When looking for 55+ apartments, it's a good idea to think about specific needs as well as future concerns. The right housing can solve many problems and allow a senior to live each day fully.

Staying In the Community

Today's active seniors want to remain part of the local community whenever possible. Many have strong ties to their area such as grandkids and an existing network of friends. They may also love the area's many advantages such as easy access to beaches and a big city. In that case, it's a good idea to stay locally when looking for senior accommodations. Many communities have local senior housing. Better yet, many communities give priority for such housing to area residents. It's a good idea to start planning at least a year in advance. Some residences are full at the moment but may have openings as the year goes on. A potential resident should be fully prepared to move fast on an apartment if they find an opening they like in their home community.

Moving Somewhere Else

Another option is moving to another area. Moving also has advantages. A senior may be tired of living in a cold climate. Shoveling snow can be tough. Long days without much sunlight can keep seniors with limited mobility housebound for many days. In contrast, a mild climate encourages seniors to venture outside all year long. Apartments dedicated to seniors in a warm area of the country allow them the chance to engage in sports of all kinds so they can remain active. Moving to another place can also be invigorating and exciting. A new place poses a new set of challenges that can lead to new neural connections and the opportunity to expand their worldview. New communities give people the opportunity to sample new restaurants, see new sites and meet new people.

Varied Housing Options

When searching for senior living apartments, keep in mind that many types of apartments are available. A small studio can be just right for the senior who wishes to live simply and spend lots of time outdoors. Larger apartments are good for seniors who have lots of friends and families. Many seniors only communities permit guests to stay overnight or even longer. An extra bedroom and bathroom allows for privacy and the opportunity to interact with family members in a convenient setting. Many seniors also love the idea of having a larger apartment with enough room for a pet an enough room to store their treasures. If the senior intends to continue working, an apartment with a separate office space allows them to meet with clients and continue to keep their work life distinct from their home life.

Important Amenities

When thinking about senior housing options, amenities are also important. Look for housing that enables the senior to continue doing what they love. For example, a senior who loves to cook will want to have an apartment with a state-of-the art kitchen where they can continue to cook gourmet meals. Seniors who love all kinds of water activities can benefit from housing that has an on-site pool or a lake. A senior who loves to watch wildlife may want to look into housing that is near a nature preserve. Many housing arrangements of this kind offer specific amenities designed for a specific population.

Access to Medical Care

While most seniors enter their golden years in good health, it's a good idea to look to the future when picking out housing. Many communities devoted to older residents offer easy access to medical care. This may include live-in medical staffers or a nearby world class health facility. For seniors with already existing medical conditions, it's a good idea to explore available medical care options. A senior apartment may have staffers who can help seniors with any minor tasks they need done. They may also offer other services that make life easier for seniors such as meals, a cleaning service and even a daily visit from a nurse.