Senior Apartments in San Francisco

San Francisco is a vibrant city where the way of life is nothing less than amazing. Known for the Golden Gate Bridge (and for the television show Full House), the city offers senior citizens an impeccable picturesque lifestyle. From recreational activities like strolling around Muir Woods National Monument where towering redwood trees have a story to tell to taking meditative Tai Chi classes, there is always something for every senior to do in and around San Francisco. Today, we'll take a look at the top five senior apartments in the city.

Victorian Manor

Victorian Manor is located at 1444 McAllister St. San Francisco, California. It is located between Pierce St. and Scott St. near the famous Alamo Square. Victorian Manor is a family-owned and operated senior community. It offers both long-term and short-term stay services and is one of the finest senior assisted living communities in the city. It offers residents independence and individuality without sacrificing privacy. Other amenities include active and engaging activities such as Tai Chi and art creation.

San Francisco Towers

1661 Pine St. is the address for this senior community. It is located between United States Highway 101 and Franklin Street in the Lower Pacific Heights area. This senior living community is part of the Covia Life Plan Community. Covia has senior apartments located throughout California, allowing residents from their other communities to transfer with ease. The community also offers seniors personalized living options for both short-term and long-term stays.

The Lady Shaw Senior Center

Located between Robert C. Levy Tunnel and Pacific Avenue Nob Hill, The Lady Shaw Senior Center is located at 1483 Mason St. This community offers seniors independent living at their senior apartment complex. They offer programs for both seniors in the neighboring community and their residents. This allows for residents to engage in social interaction to promote and maintain an active lifestyle.

The Sequoias San Francisco

The Sequoias San Francisco is located between Gough St. and Peter Yorke Way Japantown in Lower Pacific Heights. Its address is at 1400 Geary Boulevard. This senior living community focuses on active and independent adults. Their senior apartments offer a variety of layouts, allowing future residents the flexibility to personally choose their space. They also offer three types of contract options.

The Broadmoor

The Broadmoor is located at 1499 Sutter St. San Francisco, California. It is situated between Gough St. and Franklin St. in the Lower Pacific Heights area. This facility offers seniors apartments with hotel-style services and amenities, allowing for an independent living experience. Seniors who reside here take part in entertainment and recreational activities like live music sessions and wine tasting socials. The community also accepts small animals.
These are the top five senior apartments in San Francisco. Whether you are looking for senior apartments for yourself or your loved ones, you will realize that San Francisco is one of the leading communities for seniors. If you love leisure but can't do without the conveniences of city life, San Francisco is the place for you.