Fun Senior Activities That Make Senior Communities Worth It

Many seniors find senior living communities wonderful for many reasons. Chief among those reasons are that they are safe, meals are served, and there are attentive staff in case of an emergency. Ordinary home chores are taken care of by the staff and you even have transportation provided. However, many seniors find and make lasting friendships at such communities. Often these friendships develop through a shared adventure or activity through the community.

The following are a listing of various activities currently on offer throughout the U.S. at different senior living communities. There is no standard list and each community adopts and offers activities based on the residents and their wishes. Often it is based on the financial aspects of providing the activities so consider that some portion of your monthly fee goes toward cultivating meaningful activities and outings. Use the following suggestions as a window into the possibilities awaiting you at a senior living community.

Gardening Clubs at Senior Communities

Many seniors have had their own gardens at their homes and miss working with plants. Senior communities offer shared green spaces where seniors can create their own garden club, grow vegetables and flowers and remain active and out of doors. Those growing vegetables have the additional benefit of sharing the harvest with their fellow gardeners.

Wine and Cheese Tasting Clubs

Very often a shared interest in gourmet food and wine create a shared experience among residents at a senior living community. Each month a type of wine is featured, educational information is given and excellent ways of serving the wine and cheese are discussed. Exploring the world through your tastebuds is a great way to experience a different region of the world without having to leave home.

Continuing Education Classes

Most areas have a community college nearby offering continuing education classes. These are classes that last from four to six weeks and focus on just one new skill. A wide range of classes are offered and can include computer classes for seniors, art classes, dance classes, cooking classes and more.

Book Clubs

Many senior living communities have very active book clubs. If you are an avid reader and would like to meet to discuss what you have read with others, then a book club offers you the chance. Not only do book club members talk about their favorite reads, but it is a great time to socialize and get to know others living in the area.

Senior Mentorship Programs

Seniors have much to offer by way of experience and talent. Many senior living communities partner with local schools and universities. These programs partner seniors with students interested in pursuing a similar career or in some cases it is a chance for a senior to help a struggling student.


If you thought becoming a senior meant you had to give up traveling, think again. Many senior living communities have active groups who take field trips constantly. Traveling with others makes it economic and safer for everyone. A shared love of travel and a sense of adventure may be just the recipe for making new friends while experiencing a new part of the world. Many times the travel takes the form of field trips. Planned trips to museums, concerts, sporting events, or movie theaters are some of the possibilities.

Exercise Groups

Staying fit as you age is very important so finding a group that exercises in a way that is specially designed with aging bodies in mind can be a windfall. Most senior living communities have exercise rooms, but beyond that they often offer classes. You can take yoga, swim, play golf or enjoy a walk through forested trails.

Community Events

Very often senior living communities sponsor events that are open to the public. Some of those include:

  • Art shows

  • Classic car shows

  • Wine and cheese tasting

  • Dances

  • Concerts

Other events that you could expect, which would not necessarily be open to the public, include:

  • Pool parties

  • Happy hours

  • Lectures from guest speakers

Arts and Entertainment

Most senior communities offer activities in a wide range of arts and crafts based classes. Opportunities to learn a new art or craft are common. Learn to quilt, or create stunning pottery. Maybe you have always wanted to learn to sew or draw, or you enjoy movies, play bridge, or love to play games. All of these types of entertainment are standard for most retirement communities. 

Very often a senior living committee is formed to create themed parties occurring regularly, especially on the holidays. Many seniors may not have family living close by and the holidays can especially be difficult. With an active community the joy of spending time with friends during festive times is still enjoyed.