Housekeeping Services In My Area

Professional cleaning services are available to help clean your home. Read this guide on how to find the best housekeeping services in your area today.

When the spring season kicks in it brings with it clean starts and fresh changes. Windows open and a rush of warm air fills your home. Spring cleaning is just around the corner, but what if you do not have the ability or time to clean your home without help?

Professional cleaning services in your area are available today. Are you or 55+ or a senior citizen who needs help cleaning your home this season? Are you a parent working a full time job and do not have the time to fully clean your home yourself? House cleaning businesses provide a large variety of professional cleaning services to quickly and efficiently get your home in the cleanest state possible. What are the usual costs for housekeepers? Who is a housekeeping service good for? Read ahead for an informative guide on how to find the best housekeeping services in your area today.

Housekeeping Services

When the spring season begins it brings with it the need for spring cleaning. You might be a senior or full-time working parent unable to handle the task of cleaning your home on your own. Housekeeping services are available for hire in your area. Before searching for help online, however, it is important to understand what professional cleaning services do.

Professional cleaning companies offer a wide variety of services to help clean your home. Services are provided in pricing tiers based on urgency, difficulty and the amount of time required to complete the jobs. For example, some companies offer same-day services and others require booking further in advance. One-time single appointments and ongoing regular appointments are both available at your request.

Professional cleaning services charge on a flat rate and/or per-service fee structure. How much each visit costs and what services it includes varies per business and location. Professional cleaning services also use comprehensive and organized checklists to make certain the jobs are done correctly. Checklists are also used to create accurate invoices for billing purposes.

Who Is It Good For

Who is a professional house cleaning service good for? Senior citizens benefit from hiring housekeepers in many ways. For example, physical safety is a primary concern for many elderly residents today. Climbing up ladders and using awkward pole extensions to remove cobwebs and dust from ceilings and ceiling fans is not possible for some seniors who have physical limitations. Physical limitations are not isolated to the U.S. senior citizen demographic, however. Did you recently undergo a major surgery? Did you have an accident creating temporary physical disabilities or restrictions? A professional housekeeper is available to assist you and your cleaning needs today.

Who else is a professional cleaning service good for? Parents working full-time jobs might be unable to fully clean their homes as needed. Do you own vacation or seasonal rental property? Professional cleaning services also help clean your rental homes when they are unoccupied, which also helps prepare the homes for opening day or move-in dates for new tenants.

Professional cleaning services are also good for business owners. Do you own a small business or a business chain and need regular cleaning inside all your locations? Certain professional cleaning services specialize in cleaning business properties as well as providing high-quality home cleaning services near you. 

Services Covered By Housekeeping

Understanding what services are provided by each business in your area helps you choose the best service for you. Typical services provided by a house cleaning business include mopping and vacuuming floors, dusting cabinets, furniture and counter tops and more. Professional cleaning services also:

  • Sanitize specific areas such as doorknobs and cabinet handles.

  • Wash, dry and store your dishes.

  • Gather, bag and remove your trash.

  • Clean your bathroom, including disinfecting all items including your bathtub toilet, mirrors, sink and more.

  • Wash, dry, fold, hang and store your laundry.

  • Wash your sheets/blankets and make your bed.

  • Shampoo your rug (as a specialized service).

Cleaning your home prior to a housekeeper arriving is usually not required. De-cluttering your home is important to do before a hired cleaning person or crew arrives at your home, however. De-cluttering involves picking up toys, scattered clothing and other items capable of impairing a professional cleaner from doing his or her job properly.           

Usual Costs for Housekeepers

The usual costs for hiring housekeepers fluctuates based on your location, the intensity of the cleaning job and whether or not you require specialized services not normally provided by your company of choice. Expect to pay an approximate average of $20 to $90 per hour for most services, which results in final invoiced rates of $150 to $198 on average per visit. Basic cleaning, deep cleaning and move-in/move-out cleaning all have scaled rates, which increase based on difficulty and time required. For example, a basic cleaning based on the square footage of your home might cost $150, while a deep cleaning including rug shampooing and additional services might cost $200+ and more. Messy/cluttered homes, homes in affluent areas and larger properties are usually charged more per service.

Looking for Housekeepers Online: A Guide

Searching for housekeepers online is easy and convenient in 2021. Google is the go-to search engine for most U.S. residents. The Google search portal gives you the option to use it or another search engine. Simply typing in the words “house cleaning services in my area,” brings up close to two billion possible results. 

Other search options are also available. Angie’s List and Yelp provide additional housekeeper service options including reviews from other real customers. The Cleaning Authority also gives options for housekeepers near you. specializes in helping seniors find the best cleaning services for their age group. Some more professional cleaning services and search resources near you include: