Popular Hairstyles for Senior Women

Deciding on fashion becomes harder when you are older. While you still have plenty of options to choose from, some fashion choices require more time and effort, which is harder to maintain each day. Additionally, seniors have other fashion concerns to worry about. With hairstyles, you have to consider whether you want your gray hairs on display. Longer styles also have additional issues, being much harder to clean and maintain compared to shorter cuts. Listed below are some of the top hairstyles for older women.

Pixie Cuts

The pixie cut is a great style for older women because it is a simple cut with a lot of customization options. The traditional pixie cut is a short, smooth cut. As a shorter haircut, it does an excellent job framing your face. A smooth pixie cut requires little styling, and washing it is a breeze. Actress Randee Heller commonly sports a pixie cut in her television roles.

If you want something a little more stylish, you can go with a textured pixie cut instead. The textured cut requires a little more effort, but all you have to do is apply a small amount of pomade to separate your hair and add texture to the cut.

Another easy pixie cut is the spiked pixie. The best way to pull off this look is with a wax-based spray to spike your hair. If you do not feel like maintaining this look, simply let the spikes soften and fall back into a smooth cut.

For a more modern look, you can go with a pulled back version of the pixie cut, normally seen on actress Judi Dench. This look only requires a bit of hairspray to maintain the look. The pulled back look adds sophistication to the classic pixie cut.

Off-The-Face Soft Wavy Bob

There are several variations of the bob haircut, but for seniors, the off-the-face cut is popular because it has a youthful energy. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you may have to apply a curl-enhancing formula to dampen your hair. Dry your hair off with a diffuser, then use a small curling iron to refine your wavy hair. Leave the ends of your hair out, giving the tips a refined and stylish look. Some seniors also get highlights along their curls, giving the bob a more vibrant look.

Shoulder-Length Cuts

Not all seniors enjoy shorter cuts. If you want to keep growing your hair out, there are stylish shoulder-length cuts to consider. If you want a more youthful appearance, you can try adding wispy layers or loose curls around the tips. For a more sophisticated look, consider blended layers. If you really want to stand out, experiment with asymmetrical layers.

Medium Layered Cut

In her later years, actress Courtney Cox has popularized the medium layered cut. This look requires some help from a stylist, but it is still one of the simpler cuts. To pull off this look, you want your longest pieces of hair to reach down to your shoulders, with each subsequent layer cut shorter, up until your jawline.

Long Hair with Curls

For many seniors, longer cuts are difficult to maintain because as they get older, their hair starts to thin, limiting their options. Even if your hair is thinning, there are still some long cuts available, but you may need help from a styler. A classic look is long hair with curls. Getting your hair cut in longer layers gives this look excellent shape and texture. If thin hair is an issue, speak with your stylist about blunting your ends, which maximizes your volume. For the most prominent curls, use a larger curler iron.

Long Hair with Bangs

Many of the more stylish cuts involving longer hair do not work for seniors. If you are looking for something a little fancier for your long hair, consider growing out your bangs. Bangs have the added advantage of hiding lines or wrinkles, while also emphasizing your eyes. You can choose between either a side or front style for your bangs. If thinning hair is an issue, side bangs are typically the best option. Another way to make your bangs work with thinning hair is to get a choppy cut instead of a full one.

General Maintenance Tips

No matter what your haircut, there are a few haircare tips to consider. Many seniors choose to wash their hair every other day instead of daily. This causes a buildup of oil in your hair, which helps to moisturize your scalp, reducing scalp irritation. It can also give your hair a thicker look. There are certain foods you can add to your diet to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. Foods containing iron, Vitamin C and E or omega-3 fatty acids are all good for your hair. You can get these vitamins and minerals from most fish, eggs, spinach and tangerines.