The Main Differences Between Burial Services and Cremation

It can be very hard to decide whether you want to hold a traditional burial service or a cremation service. It can depend on your budget and many other factors, but they are both similar in ways. A more traditional burial can cost around $7,000 to about $10,000 including all of the finalized details such as the flowers, funeral services, casket, and plot.

Whereas cremation normally costs around $2,000 to $4,000. So if you are working on a tight budget, this may be the way to go. Another nice thing about cremation services is that you can scatter the ashes of a loved one anywhere in the entire world or even keep them in your home.

Should You Go With Burial Services or Cremation Services? 

Burial services tend to be much more structured and scheduled by the funeral director. The services can take place at the funeral home, church or cemetery. Cremation services, on the other hand, are much more do-it-yourself and it doesn't have to particularly look like a funeral. The ceremony is up to the discretion of the loved ones of the deceased.

A traditional burial normally takes place quite quickly, but cremation services can be put off indefinitely if desired in order to accommodate the schedules of those wishing to pay their last respects. There is no rush to get the deceased loved one buried since they have been cremated.

With a burial, the remains of the deceased are placed in the ground to rest in a casket. There is also columbarium where a building will be the final resting place for cremated ashes in an urn. It is a lot like a shared mausoleum that is filled with places to put urns. The area surrounding the columbaria is known as the urn gardens. It is also possible to scatter the ashes of a loved one anywhere else that would be fitting for the person who has passed.

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Memorialization for burial services is similar in-ground headstones while cremation is honored by an urn typically. The ashes of a loved one are placed in a decorative vessel, and a memorial bench can be placed in a sentimental place. There is even commission jewelry that can be used to carry or wear the ashes of loved ones nearby.

Of course, when a loved one is buried in a cemetery, family and friends can visit and grieve at the gravestone where their loved ones lie. Cremation also allows this, and if the ashes are kept, they can seem almost closer. Loved ones can also pay their respects at the site where the ashes have been scattered.

Depending on your budget, how you choose to grieve and remember your loved one, and what seems to be the best fit for the deceased, there are a couple of routes to take. There is no one correct or "right" choice. You need to decide what will work best for the deceased as well as the living and decide what will be the best way to remember your loved ones once they pass.