Top 6 Places To Retire

One of the best feelings in the world comes when you are finally able to retire. While it is great not having to worry about work anymore, there are a few challenges to consider when planning your retirement. A big decision you must make is where you want to live. Moving becomes more difficult the older you get. Without a stable source of income from work, you also have less funds to use for moving, which can end up being expensive.

There are a few considerations when looking at retirement locations. Personal preference is naturally near the top of the list, but you must also consider the cost of living, environment and what activities are available for you or visiting members in your desired retirement spot. If you have health conditions, this may also impact where you retire. Listed below are some of the top retirement locations in the United States.

1. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg is a great location if you want to retire in a larger environment. Harrisburg is a large city, with many locations accessible by walking. Most of the businesses are run by either the federal or state government, though there are a few corporations in the area as well, including the Hershey Company. This is a popular family tourist destination, and a good place to bring your grandchildren. The city has a thriving art community, with many of the buildings and sculptures in the area inspired by architecture from Vatican City. As a city, it has a slightly higher average cost of living than other retirement locations, but the costs are significantly lower than other metropolitan areas, such as New York.

2. Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is often overlooked as a retirement community, but it has many desirable features for seniors. If you have a disability or health condition, Augusta is a great choice because of how many high-quality medical facilities are in the area. The climate is comfortable, not reaching the highs of other retirement locations, but having much more stable weather. A big appeal for seniors is the Social security tax rules. Georgia allows you to exempt the majority of your Social Security income from state income tax. There are also no inheritance or estate taxes in the state. Everything is fairly spread out in Augusta, so if you do not drive, you are reliant on public transportation.

3. Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines is another city with excellent tax rules for retirees. The benefits are not as generous as Georgia, but you still avoid most of the income tax on your Social Security earnings. The first $6,000 of your pension or IRA are also exempt from income tax. Des Moines has an average climate, with slightly harsher winters than some of the warmer retirement spots, but you still avoid bad weather such as blizzards or hurricanes. The state has much stricter inheritance tax laws, which is worth keeping in mind if you plan to leave property behind for your family. The median home is nearly half as much compared to other parts of Iowa, which is already one of the more affordable states to live in.

4. El Paso, Texas

Texas has several excellent cities to retire in. El Paso is one of the larger locations, which means it has access to more medical facilities. El Paso is also located fairly close to the Mexican border, making it an ideal location if you want to use your newfound time to travel out of the country. Another reason El Paso is a better retirement location compared to other Texas cities is the significantly lower cost of living. El Paso has one of the lowest monthly rents, close to half as much compared to other cities. It also has a larger senior community, which makes it easier to socialize and meet new people if you are coming from out of state.

5. Sarasota, Florida

Like Texas, Florida is filled with wonderful retirement locations for seniors. Sarasota is considered one of the top retirement locations because it has beautiful weather and some of the best beaches in the state. It has a strong arts and cultural scene, giving retirees plenty of activities to pursue. It is located within reasonable traveling distance of some of the larger cities in Florida, but far enough away so it is not normally plagued by tourists. It also has a thriving healthcare community, with many new medical practitioners opening up offices in the area.

6. Portland, Oregon

While Portland is normally advertised as being an excellent place to live for a younger audience, it is also a good retirement destination. In fact, Portland has one of the larger senior communities in the state. Portland is also one of the pricier communities to live in. It is home to several large hospitals, which is good for a retirement community. The main draw is the thriving culture. There is always something to do in Portland, and most locations are within walking distance. The city also has an excellent food scene, with a wide variety of options as well as healthy food, sourced directly from nearby farms.