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Info For Senior Living would like to take some time to thank you, our readers, for taking the time to download our Senior Living guide.  After you hit the Download guide button you’ ll have access to your free senior living guide.

If you are considering seeking any sort of senior living services or senior living apartments, or want to know more about your various for senior living in the United States, our site offers a bevy of informational articles designed to get you the information you are looking for free of charge. You will also find several links below that will take you to additional resources for senior living.

All of the links below will provide you with additional information and resources in case you ever need to find senior living for any reason.  If you or a loved one is in need of a place to live with independence and care, a senior living apartment or retirement community may be perfect for them.

If you are unsure whether you can apply to live in a Senior Apartment or Senior Living community, or want a bit more detail on what may be offered by such residential buildings or communities, keep reading below. There are various different senior living communities and independent senior apartments all across the United States. If you meet one or more of the following conditions, you might qualify to live in one of many senior living communities with available space.

What Are Senior Apartments?

Senior apartments are located in complexes and communities that are restricted to senior citizens, generally providing a safer and quieter dynamic within an apartment complex among similarly aged individuals.

Because these apartment buildings are designed with elderly residents in mind, they are usually built with:

  • No stairs.
  • Handicap accessible units.
  • Handrails inside bathrooms.

Like any other apartment complex, senior apartments may feature a variety of floorplans and available amenities. While apartment complexes are the most common, townhomes, condominiums, duplexes, and triplexes can all be a part of senior apartment living.

In any case, senior residents are provided with their own unit and are able to retain all of their independence while enjoying some of the additional benefits and services that a senior apartment complex has to offer.

Common Amenities in Senior Apartments

Senior apartment amenities may vary, but certain units and complexes include:

  • The option of having a fully furnished apartment.
  • Individual climate control.
  • Large walk-in showers with safety features, such as handrails.
  • Common areas that are accessible to residents with different needs.
  • Community dining room with meals that are prepared several times per day.
  • Smoke detectors, fire alarms and other safety features.
  • Laundry rooms with washers and dryers.
  • Furthermore, certain premium senior apartment locations may offer:
  • Onsite pharmacies.
    Recreational activities, such as field trips.
  • Transportation services for local attractions, medical appointments and shopping.
  • 24-hour emergency staff. Housekeeping and laundry services.