The Benefits of Senior Living Apartments

Find A Senior Housing Option That Offers The Level Of Support You Need. Explore Senior Apartments For Rent
As mandatory retirement hits or people decide to start a more peaceful life, senior apartments or assisted living facilities based on the need of the adult individual might be a good idea. These communities are specifically age-restricted to those that are over 55 years. There are many apartment styles including shared apartments, studios, one bedroom, and two bedroom apartments for senior residents.

Assisted living facilities operate on a non-medical model. Assisted living is more home-like with some medical care. In the 1980's these facilities were viewed as a new concept but today assisted living is the fastest growing long-term care option for seniors. The prime candidate for this facility is a senior that is independent and able to function on their own but may require help from time to time.

Find an Easier Way of Life With Senior Communities

A quiet and age-restricted environment with many commodities specific to the elderly can provide a great way to live. Spouses can come along without a problem, as the law only requires one person in the residence to be over the age of 55. After all, old age is all about an easier way of life which these communities are guaranteed to provide for their residents.

Couples seeking apartments should be aware and ask questions accordingly – such as if they will be separated if one partner develops a condition such as dementia. Some do not separate couples, but rather offer additional services brought directly to the seniors if/when required, thereby not having to undergo another difficult move.

When choosing your senior living options its is imperative to choose something within your means. The typical cost of an independent living community unit ranges between $1,500 to $10,000, the upper end being all inclusive living communities with a wide variety of amenities. For assisted living communities you can expect a higher cost, but they are typically not as expensive on the higher end because they don't have additional amenities. You can expect a price tag of $3,500 to $5,000 a month, with actual cost varying by location. A typical senior apartment, outside of any such senior community will typically have a cost similar to other apartments in the area. The site has a search tool to better help you find senior apartments near you.

Some Luxurious Amenities Usually Included in Apartment Rates

  • 3 meals a day, all served in a beautiful dining room

  • Weekly housekeeping

  • 24/7 nursing available

  • All utilities, except for phone and cable

  • Fun filled activities and entertainment

  • Individually controlled heating and air conditioning 

When Do You Need Assistance With Your Living Situation?

That answer varies with each couple or individual. Are going up and down steps in your home problematic? Do the steps represent a danger to you? Do you have to carry laundry up steps? How about the outside of your home. Are you shaky about climbing the ladder to clean out the gutters? Do you find snow shoveling or lawn care is leaving you exhausted or has your doctor put you on a restriction for such activities? Do you have to depend on services that come when they feel like it?

If you find you are turning more and more common chores over to others, you might want to consider an assisted senior living apartment. Get back to enjoying life again, worry-free. No more cooking dinners, unless you feel like it. Make new friends and have dinner with them in the beautiful dining room. Kiss the shovel, lawn mower and rake goodbye. Gardening is a thing of the past. Enjoy activities, such as painting, bingo, sculpting or a host of other activities.