Senior Restaurant Discounts

Eat Before Sundown: Savings Ideas for Seniors on a Budget

So you have reached the senior citizen's bracket. It can be an exciting time when life starts to slow down. If you were fortunate enough then you have some retirement savings, if not then what you used to enjoy can now be difficult. The cost of food is on the rise so here are some tips on how to save a little money on your next night out.

Senior Discount Nights at Restaurants or Happy Hour Specials

Many restaurants have a seniors menu with discounted rates before 5 pm. Some call it the early bird special. This is a great way to get a good meal then get home before the evening news. If your favorite restaurant doesn't have a seniors menu, ask them if they have a discount available for AARP card holders or if you are a veteran you could take advantage of the military discount. In fact, on veterans day you could have a feast as many outlets offer free meals to vets and those on active duty.

Look Out For Coupons or Adverts

Some establishments have seniors night where there is a themed menu and the prices are heavily discounted. These night out could be a great place to meet other seniors and maybe even make a love connection? Look out for coupons. Many businesses mail out coupons that offer significant savings. So why not take your new found friend for a two for one meal or go get a couple of brown bag specials, enjoy a meal together and save a few dollars in the process.