Senior Movie Night

Movies and Discounts: A Seniors Friend 

Senior movie nights are a great place to meet other seniors. Many establishments offer senior movie nights and they are not always the movie theatres.

Many community centers and seniors associations have movie nights which are sometimes free. These are usually listed in the local paper or you may see a flyer at the grocery store. Ask your local church if they have movie nights or check with the embassies in the area. If you don't mind a foreign language film, many embassies put on free movie nights as a way to attract tourism.

Discounts offered to seniors can be minuscule, so why not consider having a movie night at home. The red box DVD/Blu Ray rental system is cheap enough and if you have the luxury of cable you could rent a film and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Another great idea is movie clubs. You could pull your money as a group and purchase a monthly subscription to one of those companies that send you the movie of the month that way you can enjoy a movie and create a DVD library for your home or assisted living center.

If you live in an assisted living center why not organize a movie night at the center. This would be a great way to get everyone together and maybe even give an old couple in love a date night. What's more, you could even get a large group together and go to the Cinema for a night out. Large groups are often offered a discounted rate if they do not already have a better seniors rate that would be something to consider.

Coupons are a big help and if you are lucky you can sometimes spot them in the local papers. If you have access to the internet why not search google for some discount websites