Senior Game Night

As we age and our health and stamina declines, some may need help with daily activities and medical needs. He or she may need help with cooking, cleaning and personal grooming or for a medical condition that affects cognitive or physical abilities.

There are many different types of senior housing available and the needs of the senior family member have to be assessed in order to make the best decision for he or she. There's independent living housing, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities, which is a combination of all types in one location.

Independent living housing is geared towards those aged 55 and older whose need for assistance is minor and medical care is usually not offered. They offer services, amenities and activities and they may offer things like basic housekeeping and spa services or daily meals.

Assisted living facilities provide assistance with daily activities such as bathing, grooming, using the bathroom and cooking meals. They provide transportation and access to medical services and staff's always available to assist with any and every need.

Nursing homes provides assistance with every aspect of daily living and a high level of medical care. Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are available on site. These facilities provide the highest level of care available for senior housing.

Senior game nights. Organized game nights in senior communities are an important aspect of maintaining and improving the overall functioning and well being of the residents. Some games that seniors enjoy are card games, board games, bingo, and homemade games like tic-tac-toe. Electronic games are becoming more popular as technology becomes increasingly prevalent in our society. Games that are outside the community can also be organized by transporting residents to bowling alleys, casinos or a sporting event, ideal for active seniors. There are countless activities that can be incorporated and the key is variety and keeping everyone entertained, stimulated and happy.