Senior Discounts

Senior discounts are one of the good things about advancing age. Occasionally a senior discount may be offered. More often, they need to be requested by the customer. Either way, they can add up to substantial savings, so it's useful to know what types of seniors discounts are out there, where you can find them, and where you can use them.

Senior discounts exist for many of the places you may shop. If you enjoy travel, Amtrak, bus lines, and major airlines offer senior fare reductions. For dates or outings with friends, movie theater chains and restaurants have special prices just for seniors.

For seniors who enjoy the outdoors, one of the best deals for seniors is the National Park Service Senior Pass, which offers the pass owner and up to four accompanying friends free admission to any of 2,000 national parks for $20 per year.

Many senior discounts can be used at any member of the chain that offers them. Some vary at different locations in the same chain. Any list of discounts will let you know whether the offers vary. Some discounts are only valid on certain days of the week or month, so it's important to check this when making plans.

A quick Google search will turn up a number of websites with lists telling what seniors discounts are out there and where you can use them. Three of the best are On Mogul, Tough Nickel, and Deal News.

It might be good idea to print the list you choose. Highlight businesses you enjoy in your area so you can find them quickly. Keep the list in your purse, car, or jacket pocket. You'll be surprised how often you can use it to stretch your dollars to get more good things in life during your senior years.