Hairstyles For Seniors

As you reach middle age and beyond, it doesn't mean it's time to settle for boring hair.  Just ask the most famous stars that aging gracefully, who confidently wear short or long cuts and keep the style curly or straight.  Even though they are stars, they are also normal people just like you and me. Read below the top cuts for people for in your age group.

1. Simple Shoulder Length Hair

If you’re not taking style inspiration from Meryl Streep, then you have some serious self-assessment to do. This elegant lady knows what’s she’s doing when it comes to her hair. Here, she has gone for shoulder length hair cut in a simple straight cut style to create a timeless hair look. The casually swept back half updo only adds to the charm of this look.

2. Gray Pixie Cut

If you’re struggling with coming to terms with your gray hair, it’s time you took a look at Jamie Lee Curtis. This gorgeous actress has embraced her grays and gone for an edgy and sexy pixie cut style. Now, she’s a badass if there ever was one!
3. Ash Blonde Highlights On Long Wavy Hair

Whoever said you need to cut off your tresses as you grow older obviously did not know what they were talking about. Long hair styled in loose waves look graceful while still imparting a youthful charm to your style statement. If you have blonde hair, you can go for some subtle ash blonde highlights to add some brightness to it.
4. Sleek Short Bob

If there’s one thing that Viola Davis knows how to rock (besides being an Academy Award winning actress), it is how to sport a short bob. This straight short bob parted on one side keeps things understated and classy. But Davis has managed to add some subtle dimension to it by going for some dark brown highlights right at the front.
5. Asymmetrical Bob

If there is one celebrity out there who is the human embodiment of sophistication and class, it has to be Helen Mirren. To create a hair look that is in line with her elegant personality, she has gone for an asymmetrical short bob with side swept bangs in an icy platinum shade.
6. Multidimensional Brunette Pixie

A great way to mask the grays in your hair is to go for a color job that incorporates many shades of the same color. For instance, you can try out this brunette look in shades of honey blonde and chocolate brown that creates a stunning multidimensional effect. Pair this color job with a pixie cut and dramatic side swept bangs to nail that modern look.
7. Sandy Blonde Long Bob

Keep things simple and chic with this long bob style that is oh-so-easy to style and maintain. Just get it colored in a light and breezy sandy brown shade and style it in shaggy waves to achieve the ultimate effortlessly cool look. You could also blend in some platinum blonde highlights to add some movement to this look.

8. Curly Golden Blonde Bob

Jessica Lange seems to be one of those women who only get more beautiful with age. This is probably because she has learnt to age gracefully by choosing styles that complement her age. This golden blonde bob styled in tousled curls is some gorgeous proof of the same.
9. Spiky Pixie Cut Just because you’re growing old doesn’t mean that you have to give up your inner sense of style. If your taste leans towards super edgy and bold hair looks, then you should definitely go for this pixie cut with razored off side. Style this cut in some cool spikes with the help of some hair gel to finish off the look.
10. Feathered Out Blonde Bob Now, this is a classic hairstyle for older women if there ever was one. This short bob style with feathered out edges and side swept bangs has endured the test of time because it suits just about every face shape and hair color. But it looks especially great on blonde hair.