Choosing a Senior Community

As people age they often experience a lot of different challenges associated with their bodies. It becomes increasingly difficult to bounce back from injuries and illness as your body weakens with age. Often times they find that their bodies can no longer keep up with the things that they used to and sometimes suffer significant injuries resulting to their age. When a significant injury occurs, such as a broken hip or shoulder, it is important for an elderly person to obtain assistance and monitoring in a safe and secure setting.

Recently, there has been a marked increase in public advertisements for retirement venues local to one's community or across country. On the internet many sites like us offer articles that look at the various options available to seniors under the category of senior living. These help one understand how to choose a senior community by knowing that it offers many different facets.

The choice of where to look is determined by several factors including: abilities, age, financial status, physique, interests, level of dependence, known disabilities, etc.

The following are the primary four types of senior living you will want to consider when choosing a senior living facility. 

  • Independent living such as a home, townhouse or apartment complex.
  • Assisted living where dining is common, aid may be provided with meds or daily care; residence is a private condo/apartment. 
  • Nursing home with 24-hour staff to provide direct non-hospital care. Medicaid pays for up to 70 percent of nursing home patients in the USA.
  • Special Care Unit for continued therapy for patients with chronic dementia or other debilitating conditions. Staff ratio during the day is one for every five patients; and overnight generally one for every nine patients. Behavior management is the focus of care.

Aging community is a recent term that has emerged in senior living. This describes a small sector of "fitbit" seniors (20% according to the Brookings Institute) who live in urban areas where they can walk or use transit to get to most things needed. Phoenix, West Asheville, NC and Welsley near Boston are three locations offering such accommodations.

We at InfoForSeniorLiving want to help you find housing you'll love for a long time. Check out our Senior Apartment Search Guide where we offer a few more tips to help you start your senior apartment search. It also includes a few different senior living communities located around the country that you may consider.

Through sites such as the ones listed below, you can view photos of prospective senior living facilities and retirement communities and ask for floor plans and more information.