55+ Activities


Why It's Important to Try New Activities After Turning 55 

Many people think that life after 55 years old has to be slow paced and that it is a time for rest. However, after turning 55 are also the years that many are likely to have the most free time on their hands with retirement quickly approaching. Life after 55 is a great time to start that hobby or activity. When it comes to starting a new activity after 55, taking the first step is often the hardest. Many people are hesitant to try a new activity or wonder what activities are fun and safe for older adults.

There are hundreds of 55+ activities and many of them are offered right in your local community. 55+ activities can vary from things that are less active to highly active. On the less active side, older adults can join a book club, start a supper club, join a bowling league, take a computer class, or join a gardening club. These activities are all mentally stimulating but are low impact activities that can be done indoors if needed.

There are also a variety of classes offered at most local Libraries or YMCAs that can bring older people together. This is great for people who may be hesitatnt to go alone. These classes can include exercise classes like spinning, water aerobics or even simple walking classes around a local community center.

For those who want to get outdoors, they may wonder what activities are fun and safe for older adults to do outside. These may be activities that have a higher impact and require more movement. Depending on your geographic location, older adults can take up a water sport like kayaking, canoeing or sailing. Older adults can also enjoy activities like playing volleyball, tennis or badmitten.

Overall, the most important thing for people over 55 to remember when finding a new activitiy is that the first step of simply trying a new thing is the most important. Don't be afraid, get out there and enjoy the fun, active lifestyle adults over 55 years deserve!